Quality Web Designs That Fits Your Budget

Medina Web Designs specializes in creating high quality, custom designed web sites that fit within the limited budgets of small - to medium -sized businesses. While a well-designed web site has almost become a necessity in today's marketplace, Medina Web Designs understands the budgetary constraints on advertising. As a result, we work with you to keep those costs within your budget. Our basic objective is to offer high quality web sites at the lowest affordable prices. We do not and will not offer you those Free web templates that you see online, and clam that they are ours like some Web design company.  We will design one for you from any drawing or ideas you send us. Medina Web Designs can help establish an image and Internet presence for your business. For more information regarding our services, please complete our convenient, online Inquiry Form . Upon receipt, I will contact you for a FREE , NO RISK CONSULTATION on what Medina Web Designs can do for your business.

Could your business benefit from an internet presence?

Review the following questions to help you decide if the internet might work for you.

• Do you have brochures, catalogs or other literature that you distribute regularly?
• Do you have products or services that can be marketed outside your local area?
• Do you have (or want to have) customers from outside your local area?
• Do you receive a lot of routine phone calls?
• Do you get a lot of requests for information?
• Do you distribute client newsletters?
• Do you have sales people that work out of your local area?
• Could you benefit from displaying photos of your products or completed projects?
• Do you deal in specialty items?
• Could you save time by pre-qualifying potential customers before an appointment?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, your business could benefit from a quality web site.


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